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Established in 2015, The Train Station Fitness is not just a gym, but Youngstown’s premier fitness community. Our 15,000 square foot Boardman facility and 5,000 square foot Niles facility both feature state of the art equipment, top notch coaching, and scalable programming for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. With dedicated personal training, and programs such as CrossFit, Power Yoga, Sports Performance Training, and a variety of Bootcamp options, we combine personal attention and hard work to maximize personal results.

Every day inside The Train Station, “we are going to love fitness and love one another by relentlessly striving to guide people in becoming the best version of themselves via creating a safe, all-inclusive, caring environment that helps people reach their full potential.”

Our Classes


CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day) class lasting for one hour instructed by a coach comprised of a warm up, strength exercise (squat, press, deadlift, etc.) and a WOD (high intensity workout usually lasting anywhere from around 8-15 minutes). The cool thing about a CrossFit WOD class is that every day is different. Attend class 365 out of 365 days and you will have attended 365 different classes. Programming for each class is done professionally and intentionally with the goal of giving you the most versatile and all inclusive results in performance and aesthetic gainZ (yes, with a Z). In just one hour you can achieve more and improve yourself more than some people do in over 2 or 3 hours spent in a commercial gym. Expect the unexpected in a CrossFit WOD class: barbells, no barbells, body weight, gymnastics, aerobics, rowing, running, jump rope, etc. Can’t do some? Can’t do any? Can’t? Yes, you can. Every movement in every class is designed so that it can be modified depending on the level of a person’s fitness while still achieving the same stimulus! All aboard!


The Train Station’s youth, high school, and collegiate performance training programs for individuals and teams utilize the same methodology and intensity as professional athletes to prepare for next level competition. Ask about our team of experienced trainers who can help get yourself, son, or daughter performing at the highest level. We have coaches who have played in the NFL, who have won Division I National Championships, and know what it takes to excel on the largest stages. We prepare athletes to maximize their body’s potential and competitive edge by increasing strength, power, speed, quickness, endurance, flexibility, and mental toughness.


We offer a variety of bootcamp and specialty classes throughout the year at both our Youngstown and Niles Stops. Each bootcamp is unique and taught by our dedicated coaches focused on personal attention and maximum results. Check into a SCULPT by Michaella class and experience high intensity interval training like never before. Catch a Cardiofit class mixing basic kettlebell and dumbbell movements with rowing or assault bikes for a killer cardio workout. Test your fitness at a Fit Factory class offering basic strength movements and extremely versatile conditioning sections guaranteed take your breath away. Dare to take on The Assembly Line where we don't use machines, we build them! This class takes an old school fitness approach and adds fun twists using sleds, tires, ropes, sledge hammers, sand bags, and other fun toys. If you are looking for a fresh, new way to workout or just something to break up your routine, come get your sweat on in a bootcamp class!

Physical and Mental Strength

Yoga is a beneficial workout on its own as well as complimenting other fitness programs offered here at The Train Station. Instructed by a certified instructor, you are guaranteed to feel confident in class. For thousands of years, Yoga has been proven beneficial for the mind and body and is easy to learn. Power yoga is low impact and includes a flow or rhythm from one to pose to the next designed to provide a solid workout. Do not let the work "Power" be intimidating, we strive to accommodate every skill level by providing modifications for new and advanced yogis. Each class is an hour long and always different, but incorporates the same poses.

Our Yoga program is the key to a safe and healthy fitness routine you have been searching for by building flexibility, balance, strength, and mental training. We also incorporate mind body recognition and breathing techniques to lower stress levels. (No more road rage!) Why are flexibility and balance important? Tight muscles are more prone to injury like tears and strains. Loosening the muscles allows a wider range of motion that the body is intended to move in. After sitting at a desk all day, lifting weights, or doing 150 wall balls we all could use a good stretch to feel better!

Along with our routine classes, we also offer private yoga classes and sessions. These sessions can help perfect that certain pose or learn more advanced poses that require more explanation and practice. These sessions are perfect for those that prefer personal training for a personal experience. Have a group of friends interested in a private class? Request a themed session for a wedding parts, or a relaxed class with stressed co-workers. Basic, advanced, or Yin Yoga requests can be made in private classes.

What should you bring? Yourself, a yoga mat, and a smile is all that would be needed. We have fun in class with upbeat music and friendly members. Yoga props such as blocks and straps are often used and are provided. If you do not have a mat they are available for purchase before class.

Personalization and Scalability

Looking to get better at your split jerk or double unders? Looking to lose a few pounds or get that beach bod ready for summertime? Look no further my friend, your stop is here and it’s time to get off the bad diet and no exercise train and start traveling towards the new you. Ask us about our experienced trainers who can help you arrive at a place where your fitness has never been better. We offer convenient one-on-one individualized programs, or a dual training program for you and friends to team up. We integrate exercise, diet, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and meal prep to round out a well balances training regimen.

Our Trainers

Angelo Babbaro

Founder / CEO

Angelo was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Since he was old enough to carry a football, his parents have been instilling in him the foundations of passion, leadership, and dedication. He was never the biggest or the strongest growing up, but he worked every day to make damn sure he was always the fastest. After all, you can’t catch what you can’t see! He ran his way to being an All-State Running Back and Free Safety at Canfield High School and holds 11 combined school records between the gridiron and the track. He was fortunate enough to be offered a scholarship to play NCAA Division I Football at Villanova University, graduating Summa Cum Laude receiving a M.S. in Human Resource Development and a B.A. in Economics. Angelo earned 3x Academic All-American Honors from ESPN/CoSIDA, was named the 2010 Villanova Student-Athlete of the Year, and was deemed an All Conference CAA Kick Returner while playing for the 2009 NCAA Division I National Championship Villanova Football Team.

Angelo is no stranger to teamwork, a fast-paced environment, or performing under pressure. High-level performance is his passion and he is a firm believer that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. His slogan has always been to BE SPECIAL and he tries to make a special impact each and every day.

Michaella Angelo

Coach / Personal Trainer

Michaella has been a personal trainer for three years and has been teaching classes for over a year now! She currently is studying exercise science at Youngstown State University and plans on pursuing fitness for the rest of her life. She loves training others because of the chance it gives her to make a difference and to be an impact in a another's life. She considers it to be a huge blessing. Michaella believes fitness gives you the opportunity to always be better inside and outside of the gym!

Brandy Cammack


Brandy was born and raised in the Youngstown area. Her current skill set includes a Crossfit L1 certification and a USAW certification. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and it has strengthened her both physically and mentally far beyond any other exercise or sport. As a middle school teacher, she has an innate passion for helping others to grow and recognize their full potential. CrossFit provides her with another avenue to achieve this. As Coach Joe will tell you, she bleeds Green! The Train Station is Brandy's home and is filled with people who she considers her second family. Brandy takes pride in being a part of the team at The Station.

Mitch DeHoff

Coach / Personal Trainer

Mitchell has been involved in athletics, in some form or another, his entire life. Starting at a young age, he competed for eight years as a gymnast at a state and regional level. After being introduced to CrossFit during the 2012 open, he was hooked. He enjoys doing something different in training on a daily basis while still focusing on specific elements of fitness in order to improve strength and endurance. What he likes most about CrossFit is that it prepares him for struggles outside of the gym by challenging him to push himself both physically and mentally on a daily basis while still having fun. He says, “coaching at The Train Station gives him the opportunity to help others enjoy life to the fullest as they work on becoming healthier, stronger individuals.”

Lindsay Hecht

Yoga Instructor

Lead yoga instructor of The Train Station, Lindsay Hecht, has a strong passion for helping others through this enlightened practice. Along with a certified 200-hr. training, Lindsay has experience in vinyasa, yin, and yin-yang yoga to expand her knowledge. In 2013, she fell in love with yoga and soon became an instructor in 2015. Yoga was the inception into Lindsay’s fitness journey leading her to a more healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. The desire to share her interest led her to The Train Station where she gratefully found her fitness home. One of Lindsay’s favorite aspects of The Train Station is the people within it and those who run it. Being owned by some of the most encouraging individuals helps to attract the same characteristics in all of the station's “Boarders.” Lindsay fully believes in the power of The Train Station and everything it has to offer; "If you need a place full of friends, support, love, and motivation for growth, spiritually or physically, I suggest you look no further.” Lindsay graduated from Stark State College earning a degree to be come a registered dental hygienist and enjoys spending time with her friends, boyfriend, and dog.

Patrick McGlone

Coach / Personal Trainer

Patrick grew up in Boardman, OH and attended Cardinal Mooney High School. There he played lacrosse and football, and was a member of the 2009 State Championship Football Team. Since then he has become a firefighter for the city of Youngstown. He has been a strength and conditioning coach at Mooney for 4 years, where he was also on the football coaching staff. He is an ACE certified personal trainer and a certified L-1 CrossFit trainer.